Service updates and releases

Details of updates to the UK Market Conformity Assessment Bodies (UKMCAB) service. These include new functionality, features, bug fixes and other non-development news items relating to the service.

Release 4.3 - Cosmetic improvements and bug fixes

17 July 2024

This release includes a range of cosmetic improvements to the UKMCAB site and bug fixes for functionality within the UKMCAB system.

For OPSS administrative users:

  • Completed notifications are now removed from the front end of the system after six months.
  • When a user requests an action to be completed against a legislative area, the request reason is replayed to the OPSS administrative user from the review screen.

For internal users:

  • Long legislative area titles are now wrapped when viewing a draft CAB record from the CAB summary page.
  • Alignment fixes have been implemented on the product schedules and history tab.
  • History entries now display with ‘None’ when a reason has not been provided or is not required.
  • Changes to error messaging for product schedule and supporting document pages.

Release 4.2 - Improvements to CAB profile view and bug fixes

09 July 2024

This release includes incremental improvements to the CAB profile view and bug fixes for functionality within the UKMCAB system.

For public users:

  • A field has been added to the CAB profile to display previous CAB numbers

For internal users:

  • New messaging is displayed against published records when an associated draft record exists.
  • Users will now be able to easily identify incomplete sections within the legislative area section from the CAB summary.
  • Legislative area additional information screens have been refined for improved usability.
  • UKAS reference number field has been populated on all live records.

Release 4.1 - Incremental workflow improvements and bug fixes

25 June 2024

This release includes small updates and bug fixes for functionality within the UKMCAB system.

For public users:

  • ‘Last updated’ date now reflects the most recent ‘Published’ action against a CAB record
  • More detailed information relating to the service can be viewed from the ‘Help’ page
  • A greater selection of filters are available when accessing the ‘Search page’
  • Duplicated entries in the ‘Audit log’ for CAB records have been removed

For internal users:

  • Buttons have been repositioned when the user views a CAB record from the summary page
  • Changes to messaging when a user removes or edits a duplicated scope of appointment
  • Users are now able to multi-select from the lowest level of a legislative area, not just from the ‘Product’ level
  • OGD approvals and declines are now visible when signed in users view the ‘Audit log’
  • OGD users and OPSS admin users have the ability to view ‘Government user notes’ that have been added against a CAB record
  • Machinery and lifts legislative area updated to reflect changes within the data model

Release 4.0 - New government users and workflows

05 June 2024

This release enables users from other government departments (OGD’s) to enter the UKMCAB service and introduces new workflows which account for their addition. For each new flow added, the emphasis is being taken away from the overall CAB record and being focused more directly on actions against legislative areas. The following list provides a comprehensive view of new functionalities:

For signed-in users:

Internal user management:

  • OGD users can now request accounts within the service and be assigned to their relevant department
  • All OGD’s added into the service will be tied to the legislative area they govern, and receive notification emails to a shared email address

OGD permissions:

  • OGD users have the ability to approve or decline requests related to their associated legislative area
  • OGD users can view all drafts within the system

New workflows:

  • UKAS users can now request to add, remove, archive or unarchive legislative areas against a CAB record. For each request that is made, an approval notification will be sent to the associated OGD and then to the OPSS administration team
  • OPSS admin users now have the ability to directly add, remove, archive or unarchive legislative areas, without the need for approval


  • Signed-in users will now receive email and internal notifications regarding legislative area actions, in addition to CAB actions
  • If a review date has been added to a CAB record, OPSS admin users will be notified one month prior to the date and on the proposed review date

Release 3.2.1 - Updates to email addresses

02 May 2024

This release updates email addresses in the system.

For all users:

  • Email addresses in the system updated to reflect the change to the domain

Release 3.2 - Clearer messaging for product schedules, legislative area details and CAB audit history, and a fix to a publishing issue

18 April 2024

Viewing CAB profiles for users that are not signed in:

  • The legislative areas’ additional details section now only shows contact details, if a CAB has chosen to add them for everyone to see

Viewing CAB profiles for all users:

  • Added a message to inform users, when viewing product schedules supplied by UKAS, that they were the active schedules supplied at the time of appointment

For signed-in users:

  • In the CAB audit history, the ‘Created’ action has been changed to ‘Draft saved’ so that the history of an older CAB, with multiple edits, is easier to understand
  • Fixed an issue that was occurring when a CAB with a blank category assigned to a supporting document was re-published, an error was displayed, and it did not publish

Release 3.1 - Fix applied to resolve issues

26 March 2024

This release resolves three small issues that were found in release 3.0.

For all users:

  • Text correction on the Service updates and releases page for release 3.0

For signed-in users:

  • When searching for a CAB and a draft CAB was selected then the ‘< Back’ link, an additional character was added to the search term
  • When a filter was added to the search and a draft CAB was selected then the ‘< Back’ link, this caused an error

Release 3.0 - Addition of legislative area details, linking to product schedules and improvements to search

25 March 2024

This release enables more legislative area information to be added to each CAB. There is a more comprehensive data set for each legislative area, with multiple fields and options to show the full scope of appointment and legislative details that each CAB covers. Some key legislative areas have had data models added. This allows more defined legislative area information to be shown on a CAB profile and users can find CABs based on specific details of a legislation, for example the schedules or standards they can test for.

Viewing CAB details for all users:

  • Archived CABs can be viewed
  • A new tab has been added to show all legislative areas on a CAB profile
  • All legislative area details can be browsed
  • Archived legislative areas and product schedules are in a separate section to those that are active
  • Provisional legislative areas are highlighted with a provisional icon
  • Appointment and review dates can be viewed on individual legislative areas
  • Contact details can be viewed on individual legislative areas

Searching CAB details for all users:

  • The new legislative area details have been added to the search function, so that relevant CABs are returned in the search results
  • The legislative area search filter applies to the new legislative areas assigned to CABs
  • The ability to filter and search for archived CABs

Creating and updating CAB legislative areas for signed-in users:

  • The ability to add, edit or remove legislative area additional information and scope of appointments, as well as for the legislative areas themselves
  • A legislative area can be marked as provisional
  • Product schedules can only be assigned to the legislative areas added to the CAB
  • Appointment and review dates remain at CAB level but can be added to individual legislative areas
  • Contact details remain at CAB level but can be added for each legislative area where there are different contacts for each legislative area

Editing CAB profiles for signed-in users:

  • A draft profile has a main edit button which ensures that other signed-in users cannot edit it at the same time
  • The ability to request to archive or remove, and to approve the archiving or removal of, legislative areas and product schedules
  • Product schedules linked to a legislative area that is being archived or removed, are highlighted for the user to decide if they should also be archived or removed
  • A legislative area with product schedules that are archived or removed, and are the only schedules linked to it, is highlighted for the user to decide if it should also be archived, removed or marked as provisional
  • The limit on the number of uploaded supporting documents has been removed

Viewing CAB summary page for signed-in users:

  • The ability to view all legislative area details, including scope of appointment and additional information
  • The CAB history can be viewed from the CAB summary page
  • The CAB history for signed-in users contains more detailed entries than for public users

Searching CAB details for signed-in users:

  • The UKAS reference field has been added into the search function
  • The ability to filter and search for archived and provisional legislative areas

Release 2.3 - Request to unpublish a CAB from UKAS to OPSS administrators, notes and improvements to CAB management

01 February 2024

This release provides new functionality and improvements for signed-in users. It allows UKAS users to ask OPSS to unpublish a CAB, and includes CAB government user notes and sub-statuses, the ability for OPSS administrators to add notes in the CAB history for the public to view, replacing a file in product schedules and supporting documents, validation of draft CAB fields and deleting draft CABs.

CAB approval process for OPSS administrators:

  • When OPSS administrators publish or republish a CAB, they are asked for internal and public facing reasons for the CAB history
  • When OPSS administrators publish a CAB, they can add a CAB number and select who sees it
  • The number of characters for the decline CAB request reason field has been increased

CAB approval process for signed-in users:

  • UKAS users can request for a CAB to be unpublished and archived or saved as draft, so they can make changes to it
  • UKAS users can request for a CAB to be unarchived and published or saved as draft, so they can edit and submit it for approval
  • Added entries to the CAB history for approval requests, and a fix for some older entries that could not be seen

CAB management for signed-in users:

  • Added an 'edit lock' so that a user cannot edit and make changes to a CAB when another user is editing it
  • Added validation for some of the fields in the create and edit CAB journey
  • Standardised tables in the notifications and user management pages
  • Addition of a CAB sub-status to show which part of the approval process it’s in
  • The ability to replace a file for existing entries in both the Product schedules and Supporting documents pages
  • OPSS administrators and the user group that created a draft CAB can delete the draft

CAB management for Government signed-in users:

  • Government users have a notes section within each CAB profile which can only be viewed by signed-in government users

Search for signed-in users:

  • New internal search filters for a CAB sub-status to show which part of the approval process it’s in

Notifications for signed-in users:

  • When an approval request is made, the user and users in their group receive an email notification about the request
  • A link to the notifications area has been added to the user's homepage with direct links to notifications

User management for signed-in users:

  • A change of contact email address by a user is logged in the user's history

For all users:

  • The CAB number is only shown to users that OPSS administrators have chosen to see it
  • Improvements to page layouts both on desktop and mobile

Release 2.2 - Notifications, CAB approval process from UKAS to OPSS administrators and improvements to CAB documents

20 December 2023

This release provides new functionality and improvements for signed in users. It includes the addition of UKAS users into the service, the approval process when UKAS create or edit records and submit them to OPSS administrators for approval, notification pages, the ability to unarchive archived CAB records, and improvements to uploading product schedules and supporting documents.

Notifications for signed-in users:

  • Notifications page shows all notifications for their user group
  • Detailed notification information is displayed
  • OPSS administrators receive a notification when a CAB is sent for review

CAB approval process for signed-in users:

  • UKAS users can submit new or edited CABs to OPSS to be published
  • OPSS administrators can approve or decline the request to publish a CAB
  • UKAS users can request that OPSS administrators unarchive an archived CAB record
  • OPSS administrators can approve or decline the request to unarchive CAB
  • The reason for requesting to archive and unarchive a CAB will be displayed in the public CAB history
  • When a CAB is archived, a notification is sent to the owner of a draft to notify them that the draft has been deleted
  • The CAB management page only shows draft CABs for the user’s user group (OPSS administrators can see all drafts)

CAB document improvements for signed-in users:

  • Product schedule files can be referenced multiple times and added to different legislative areas with different titles
  • Supporting document files can be assigned to one of the folders
  • Supporting document files can be referenced multiple times and added to different folders

User management for signed in OPSS administrators:

  • The tables in the user management pages have been updated in line with the CAB management pages. This includes totals, sorting and handling screen resizing

For all users:

  • The CAB address is displayed as a formatted address on a CAB record
  • An optional contact email address on the 'Is there anything wrong with this page?' form so that users can be contacted about the issues they have raised

Release 2.1 - Updates to the home page, internal CAB search, CAB management and user management for users that are signed in

06 November 2023

This release includes several new features and resolves small issues from previous releases.

For signed-in users:

  • New landing page showing information and actions on one page
  • New CAB search filter for user groups
  • Draft CAB records now show the user group in search results
  • The ability to unarchive an archived CAB
  • Added UKAS user group and permissions
  • Resolved issue with GOV.UK One Login timeouts

For CAB management:

  • Multiple product schedules can be uploaded at once
  • The CAB number can now be hidden from public view
  • The CAB summary page, shown when editing or at the end of creating a CAB, now highlights sections that have been completed and where more information is required
  • A CAB history page with different views for public and signed in users

For OPSS administrators:

  • Tabs for locked and archived accounts have been added to the user management pages
  • User management pages have new sorting options
  • The ability to edit and update user profiles
  • A history page for each user profile

For all users:

  • Added options to the ‘Is there anything wrong with this page’ feedback form to direct issues to the correct team

Release 2.0.1 - Fix applied for publishing a CAB

19 October 2023

This release resolves an issue that was happening when an administrator saved a CAB.

Release 2.0 - GOV.UK One Login and user management

13 October 2023

GOV.UK One Login is a central government service single sign on provider. It allows users to create and manage a single user account to access all government services that have implemented it. This release integrates the GOV.UK One Login service into UKMCAB and enables administrators to manage users and their accounts.

UKMCAB administrators can approve or deny user account requests from the GOV.UK One Login service, lock, unlock, archive and unarchive UKMCAB user accounts, and view user history. Users have a simple profile to update their account details.

The release also includes updates to the search and search results for administrators, showing the status of all CAB profiles. Administrators can now unarchive archived profiles, and CAB profile pages and search results have had share options added to them.

Included in this release are:

  • GOV.UK One Login integration
  • User management including approvals process for user account requests from the GOV.UK One Login service, lock, unlock, archive and unarchive user accounts, and a user history
  • User administration page listing all pending user account requests, active, locked and archived user accounts
  • User profile including a service specific contact email address
  • Internal search has been expanded to include the statuses of CAB profiles on the search results
  • Share option added to the CAB profile and search results pages
  • OPSS administrators can unarchive a CAB profile

Release 1.4.2 - Product schedule and associated legislative area

05 September 2023

This release resolves an issue that was happening when an administrator removed a product schedule but the associated legislative area was not removed.

Release 1.4.1 - MRA filters, random search generation and increase to number of product schedules

15 August 2023

This release resolves three issues. When a search filter for mutual recognition agreements (MRA) was selected, a special character was stopping them from being removed in the filter area at the top of the page. When the random order for the search is calculated each day, it was intermittently failing, and the system became unresponsive for a few seconds. Also, the limit of 5 product schedules for a CAB profile has been increased to 35.

Release 1.4 - Assigning schedules to legislative areas, search and filter separation

2 August 2023

This release includes several search improvements. The search box has been separated from the search filters area. The mobile view will now show the search box above the search results and on desktop views the search box has moved outside of the filters section. The search term can now be cleared easily with the addition of a close icon. When search filters are selected, they appear at the top of the search results in a list and can be removed individually, updating the search results. These improvements make searching and filtering simpler and quicker.

Various changes have been made in the CAB create and edit screens to make the process easier. Legislative areas assigned to product schedules are now also shown on the legislative area list. This makes it clearer where legislative areas are assigned and where to edit them. A warning message will show when a CAB name already exists and prompt to check the duplication before continuing. The process of uploading another product schedule has been improved to automatically save the details before uploading the next schedule, and a small addition to the review date entry field makes it easier to complete and quicker to progress.

Included in this release are:

  • The search box is now separate from the filters list. On mobile the search is now always shown at the top of the search results, and on desktop the search is above the filter list
  • The search box now includes an icon to clear the current search text
  • Selected search filters will appear in a list at the top of the search results and can be removed individually to update the results
  • Entering a new CAB with a name that already exists displays a warning asking to check with OPSS before proceeding
  • Legislative areas assigned during the product schedules upload now show as pre-selected on the legislative area list when creating or editing a CAB
  • A clearly titled button that saves the title and legislative area before uploading another product schedule has been added
  • A button to add a set period of time to the review date of a CAB has been added

Release 1.3 - Product schedule and legislative area improvements

21 July 2023

This release includes the ability to assign the product schedules uploaded to Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) profiles to the relevant legislative areas. These legislative areas will be shown on the CAB profile page and in search results. The titles of the uploaded product schedules can also be changed, making them clearer and relevant to the CAB and the legislative area.

The search results have also been expanded to show all the legislative areas and body types. The final round of accessibility updates and issues from the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release have been completed.

Included in this release are:

  • Titles can be added to uploaded product schedules
  • Legislative areas can be assigned to the uploaded product schedules, which are then assigned to the CAB profile
  • All body types and legislative areas can be seen from the search results page
  • Specific errors on fields in CAB entry process to clearly indicate where errors have occurred and why
  • Some small email subscription and atom feed updates
  • More accessibility updates across the service

Release 1.2 - Improvements to existing functionality

4 July 2023

This release includes improvements to the web feed from the UKMCAB service, functionality for internal users and accessibility.

Included in this release are:

  • Enhancements to the web feed so that updates to search results and Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) profiles include more information and are easy to read
  • Additional functionality for internal users to view CAB supporting documents
  • The option to view or download documents attached to CAB profiles
  • Accessibility updates across the service

Release 1.1 - Search improvements and MVP issues

23 June 2023

The focus of this release is to improve the ability to search and find information in the service, as well as address some outstanding issues from the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release. The search system has been heavily refined to deliver more accurate results in a more relevant order, prioritising certain fields over others. The web addresses of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) profile pages are now user friendly, meaning that they contain the name of the CAB rather than a string of unique numbers. Also, the titles for all CAB product schedule files have been updated from simple filenames to the full name of the product schedule, making them more meaningful to users.

Included in this release are:

  • Improvements to the accuracy of search results
  • User friendly links for CAB profile pages
  • Changes to the product schedule filename to show its full name
  • A summary page for email subscriptions to search results
  • Changes to the feedback form at the top of all pages
  • Links that leave the UKMCAB site will open in a new tab or window

Release 1.0 - UKMCAB service refresh

30 May 2023

The release of the revised service as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This means the service continues to deliver the functionality of the previous service, with the addition of several improvements. This level of functionality will act as the foundation to deliver more features throughout 2023 and beyond.

Included in this MVP release are:

  • A refresh of the user experience
  • An expandable infrastructure built on standard and open source technologies
  • Ability to create, edit and archive Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) profiles by Office for Product and Safety Standards (OPSS) service administrators
  • Introduction of an upgraded search system, to be further developed in future phases
  • History and audit logs for CAB profiles and internal users
  • System metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to proactively measure the performance of the service
  • Addition of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and service updates pages to provide assistance to users
  • Integration with OPSS support services
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