About the UKMCAB service

The UK Market Conformity Assessment Bodies (UKMCAB) service serves as the UK’s database of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs). It is the definitive source and a register of UK Government appointed CABs who can certify goods for both the GB and NI markets.

The term Approved Body is used generically in the database and should be read to include Appointed Bodies which apply to some CABs appointed by the Department for Transport that perform the same role as Approved Bodies.

UKMCAB is currently in the beta phase. This is where a web site or a service is continually tested and improved with the help of users who offer feedback, or agree to participate in user research. Both of which can influence how the future service is changed.

If there are issues with the accuracy of information in UKMCAB, please let us know at approvedbodies@beis.gov.uk

If you experience problems using UKMCAB, please let us know by using the Feedback option at the top of any page.

To register for user research to help improve this service, please email us at ukmcab.userresearch@beis.gov.uk

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Last updated 2nd May 2023

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